National and International Tours

     Throughout its' history, the Royal Hawaiian Band has travelled extensively, spreading aloha and drawing foreign visitors toward our shores. In 1882 the Band travelled to San Francisco in order to participate in the Conclave of the Knights Templar. It was during that famous trip that the Band first performed Liliuʻokalani's "Aloha ʻOe." Future years saw the band traveling up and down the West Coast of the United States, the Midwest, and the East Coast. Canadian tours were later conducted in 1974 and 1978, with the latter also including performances in Massachusets. Throughout the years there have also been local tours to other Hawaiian Islands.

1983: European Tour

     On May 14, 1983, the Royal Hawaiian Band departed Honolulu on their most ambitious International tour in history. During the 17 days that followed, the band performed in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the Netherlands, West Berlin, Potsdam (the birthplace of Henry Berger, the “Father of Hawaiian music”), and London. A total of fifteen concerts and four television performances were completed during the tour.

     The featured concert in West Berlin was the highlight of the tour. Prince Louis Ferdinand Hohenzollern presented a new Schellenbaum to Her Royal Highness Kapiʻolani Kawānanakoa, the Marchessa Marignoli of Spoleto, Italy. She, in turn, transitioned it to Bandmaster Aaron David Mahi for presentation to the Royal Hawaiian Band’s drum major, Kappy Kapeliela.

     The band returned to Honolulu on June 30 having fostered millions of new fans via their concert and television performances. Their new Schellenbaum, a treasured reminder of their cultural connection to the Hawaiian Monarchy, would follow soon after it was released through U.S. Customs.

1988: Midwest and Eastern United States Tour Carnegie Hall

     To view a copy of the official Stagebill program from Carnegie Hall, click here.


     Three mainland cities were a part of the bands 1988 U.S. tour: Milwaukee, New York City and Chicago. The first of their performances took place at Milwaukee's Washington Park with an amazing twelve thousand music lovers attending. The following evening, still in Milwaukee, an additional seven thousand concertgoers experience the beautiful strains of the Royal Hawaiian Band. Next stop - New York City!

     Three performances were presented in the Big Apple.  First, the glee club performed at the Manhatten Veterans Hospital, followed by a full band concert at the Governor's Island Coast Guard Station, but the third concert would be an experience of a lifetime - at Carnegie Hall.

     Performing to a full house of almost three thousand people, the Royal Hawaiian Band and guests played genre ranging from classical to traditional and contemporary Hawaiian. Standing ovations and encores resounded through the famed hall, culminating the bands' first tour to New York City since Henry Berger led the band in the 1901 New York Exposition.

     Chicago was the final stop for the band where two concerts were performed. As in New York, our nation's veterans enjoyed a special concert dedicated to their service at the Lakeside Veterans Hospital. After a chance to sightsee and relax for two days, the band, glee club, and special guests performed their final concert at Chicago's magnificent Grant Park, and again, to thousands of spectators.

1989: East Asia Tour - Japan

     To view the concert program of this historic performance, click here.

     One year following the East Coast tour came an opportunity for the band to travel to Hiroshima, Japan, in order to participate in the Sea and Islands Expo.  The festival was designed to commemorate Hiroshima's sister-city relationship with Honolulu. and the Royal Hawaiian Band was chosen to give a concert in the city's beautiful concert hall.

     The festival also featured other international performing ensembles, including Russia's Bolshoi Ballet.


Concert program cover: Hiroshima, Japan                  July 22 & 25, 1989


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