Hawaiian Band Music Avaialable for Download

    The Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band, in conjunction with the University of Hawaiʻi Bands and Dr. Jeffrey Boeckman, are currently assembling a collection of Hawaiian band music for marching bands that will continually grow in size and variety throughout the years.

     Bands performing in local parades, and on all of the Hawaiian Islands, are able to choose and download any of the available selections from this website.  This digital music library will continue to grow, both in size & selection, so we urge all Band Directors to continually reference this website.

     Pictured to the left is a photograph of a 2008 resolution adopted by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs who urge community support and funding for the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band to raise awareness of Hawaiian music arrangements among Hawaiʻi’s school band programs. This resolution has served as the primary incentive for the growth of our public music library.

     Eventually, each arrangement posted on this site will be made available in two or three different keys and include historical information of the song, as well as pointing out predominant musical aspects of the song.  Each arrangement will vary in difficulty in order to accommodate bands from the intermediate level to beyond.  Each arrangement will consist of a full conductors score plus individual parts relevent to marching band instrumentation, all in downloadable pdf format. 

     Finally, each arrangement will also offer a sound recording (either midi or full band) for both Band Directors and students to sample.  NOTE:  For PC users, we suggest using Firefox.  Our current audio files do not seem to work in Explorer.  We are working to correct this problem.  Mahalo.

Currently available selections include:

  • E Mau Ana Ka Haʻaheo.     TBD
  • Hawaiian Cowboy March, click here.
  • He Hawaiʻi Au.     TBD
  • He Mele Lāhui Hawaiʻi March, click here.
  • Hilo March.     TBD
  • Hole Waimea, click here.
  • Ka Naʻi Aupuni March, click here.
  • Kaulana Nā Pua, click here.
  • Kawika.     TBD
  • Koni Au I Ka Wai.     TBD
  • Sweet "Lei Lehua" March, click here.
  • The Queen’s Jubilee.     TBD

To visit the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Band website, click here.

NOTE TO BAND DIRECTOR'S IN THE STATE OF HAWAIʻI:  You are very important to us and we appreciate your input.  If you have a suggestion for an Hawaiian song that you think would work well in a parade or a concert, please email us with your thoughts by clicking here.

Copyright Notice:  The Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band will continue to publish additional Hawaiian music for open use, beginning with public domain music.  As copyright permissions are received from active copyright sources, this library will continue to grow in depth.



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