The Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band


     The Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) support arm for the Royal Hawaiian Band.  Its mission is to help preserve and promote this historic musical organization.

The History of the "Friends"

     Read about the history of the "Friends" by clicking here.

The Board of Directors

     Meet the Board of Directors for the "Friends" by clicking here.

Become a Member of the "Friends"

     Without the support and growth of our membership, the ongoing activities of the "Friends" would not be possible.  We encourage you to become a member of our organization through one of the many possible levels of membership, by clicking here.


     The Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band offer a number of items for sale that help to support the organization toward itsʻ goals and objectives in helping the Band.  From recordings to apparel and souvenir items, merchandise is available for order online.  For a listing and description of available merchandise, please click here.

Projects of the “Friends"

    The "Friends” are a project-based organization, and as such they organize a number of projects and events related to the ongoing support of the Royal Hawaiian Band and the overall Mission of the organization. For additional information regarding any of the projects listed below, please click on the appropriate link.

Photograph's and Video's of the "Friends"

     During the year, the "Friends" are involved in numerous activities and events throughout the community.  The following two links will take you to visual libraries documenting the diversity of these activities.  We expect these two libraries to continually grow in size, so please keep checking back for updates.  If you have photographs you would like to contribute to the library, please contact the Webmaster by clicking here.

Archived Documents for the "Friends"

     The Archived Documents area for the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band will give you access to a number of items such as archived copies of current & previous newsletters, programs from the annual membership meetings, as well as various organization documents.  For access, please click here.

Contact the "Friends"

     To contact the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band either through email or the U.S. Postal Service, click here.


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